Hunting Day

The Centre invites you to be the very special guest of a « falconry crew » for a day of game hawking day! Pheasants and partridges will put the skills of our pointing dogs and our hunting hawks to the test. The day will be split in two, one part for true falconry using falcons at “waiting on” flights or flown “out of the hood” at quarry, the second part for “hawking” using hawks flown from the fist or from trees at game.

We offer this with emphasis on a natural setting and with utmost respect to animals and tradition using state of the art techniques and equipment.

During this spectacular experience you will take part in the handling of birds of prey, carrying, hooding practices, calling birds to the gauntlet or lure, and fly at quarries.

• Whether you are a nature lover, hunter, ornithologist, film producer, photograph, passionate kind, or curious this day is for you!
• This experience will bring both competence and confidence to the apprentice and will help other falconers to get the best out of their own hunting hawks.

The Hunting Day is scheduled privately upon reservation in August, September and October

-One guest: $300
-Two guests: $450
-Three guests: $600

• Dinner is included at the school facility (falconer’s lunch: soup, sandwiches, coffee)
• Day starts at 10:00 to end around 15:00
• Statement of experience can be provided upon request for apprentice falconers.

NOTE: Our birds and dogs are not “machines” and they don’t have a remote control device either however we will put all efforts to make the day a complete success.

The experience will be moved to another day in case of a bad weather condition.

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