Welcome to our School of Falconry
Our lessons carry a practical aspect and we emphasize on the understanding of falconry.
We have high teaching standards and also offer private lessons.

The Centre is located in a privileged area where both, birds and students, can be trained safely. The heritage of falconry is transmitted by Dan Paradis, Master falconer and raptor breeder with twenty plus years experience in the field.

• Our courses surpasses all provincial and national falconry regulations.
• We are devoted to the excellence and tradition of falconry and hawking.
• We sponsor all apprentice falconers.
• The centre is about 30 minutes drive from Quebec airport.

Course format we are offering:

International Falconry course: ($800.00 CAD, plus taxes)

Apprentice Falconry course: ($400.00 CAD, plus taxes)

Advanced Course: ($275.00 CAD, plus taxes)

Falconry Experience : ($125.00 CAD, plus taxes)

Courses include:

-History of Falconry
-Birds of Falconry
-Anatomy of a Bird
-Biology of Raptors
-Raptor Diseases
-Preventative Trauma
-Nutrition & Care
-Aviaries & shelters
-Reading literatures
-Food sources
-Falconry Furniture
-Ethics of Falconry
-Handling & putting on equipment.

-Training; from the capture of a bird to free flight.

-Each student is assigned a bird of prey to train.

-Techniques for Falconry and Hawking are covered.

-Hunting of captive or wild game (subject to regulations).

-We supply all equipment required for the course.

• After the course is successfully completed a diploma and course statement from QFC will be issued for falconry provincial licence.

• A minimum deposit of $100 is required to reserve your spot on a course. Those who send full payment will be called first. Down payments may be moved to the next course available if needed.

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