QFC Inc Supply:
#LFQ-00, Quails

Quails : 5 weeks old Coturnix Quail can be sold live or frozen.

Only frosen quails can by shipped.

The price is $1.60 CAD each, plus shipping, sold in box of 30 frozen quails.
Box of 30 frozen quails for: $48.00, Box of 60 for $96.00 and box of 90 for $144.00 plus shipping.

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Payment option #2:

If you are interested to order one or more items from this boutique, send us an email or write us and note down the item code and quantities you wish to order. Send us a cheque of the total amount. We will send your order by post. A detailed invoice is provided with the shipping package. Allow 5 to 15 business days for delivery.

You can also pick up your items in person at the Falconry Centre and obtain 15% discount.

Send your cheque at the following address:

Quebec Falconry Centre Inc.
501 ch. Iberville
Quebec, Canada
G0S 1W0